Tuesday, July 7, 2009

E-commerce can help get over the economic downturn in France

According to a July 09 study by Eurobrief, e-commerce will save the economy in France: it is still growing, it favors exportations and the creation of jobs.

Hereunder a few interesting figures from the study.

In 2008:

- E-commerce sales in France grew 25% vs. 0.2% for retail stores sales.

- Average order size was 92 euros (but 87 euros in Q4 2008).

- 69% of online users are shoppers: about 22 million people.
That's 4 times more than in 2002.

- 186m online card transactions vs. 132m in 2007

- An e-commerce website is born every 45 minutes: 48,500 total.
That's 5 times more than in 2004.

- 20% of sales are exported outside of France vs. 9,2% for retail stores.

- E-commerce represents 80,000 jobs in France (25,000 direct and 55,000 indirect).
A 15% growth year over year.

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