Tuesday, June 30, 2009

14 Michael Jackson LPs in Amazon.com's Top 15 music sellers; all sold out.


Rest In Peace MJ.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visual product search app maker SnapTell acquired by Amazon

SnapTell, maker of the iPhone and Android app of the same name, has been acquired by Amazon to become part of its A9 line-up.

The SnapTell app enables users to snap a picture of the cover of any DVD, CD, Book or Video game with their phone, and the app will return:
- info on the product from its huge product database,
- reviews, best prices from partner websites and retail stores,
- directions to the retail store you select,
- and the ability to purchase straight from the phone.

If you own an iPhone, you can try it for yourself HERE.

Pretty neat!

A little more user-friendly than the ShopSavvy app where you actually have to snap a picture of the barcode of the product to get info on it.

Oldy but goody: How Retailers Can Sell More Online With Social Commerce

Interview of Jay Shaffer of PowerReviews, at last year's Internet Retailer conference, on how social commerce can help retailers sell more and better.

From Get Elastic

Monday, June 15, 2009

Amazon will return to TV advertising... with User Generated creative!

User Generated TV advertising, round 2: After Doritos with its Superbowl ad, Amazon has just launched an ad contest, calling on its customers to produce the creative.

The brief is wide open, go nuts!

Dell makes USD3m on Twitter

Dell’s Twitter presence is responsible for more than USD3m worth of sales, says the company.

According to Dell's blog, USD2m of this is the result of offers advertised on DellOutlet, a Twitter feed where the company promotes discounted products. The rest is from customers entering Dell’s website via Twitter links and spending money in departments other than the outlet store.

Read the whole story HERE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ShopTogether: bring your friends with you when you shop online...

US junior clothing retailer Charlotte Russe just added ShopTogether from DecisionStep on their online store.

ShopTogether is a hosted application for retailers that lets customers interact in real-time while surfing e-commerce websites.

ShopTogether is actually a toolbar that is displayed at the bottom of the site (à la Facebook), from which shoppers can invite their friends to browse/shop with them through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, email or instant messaging.

Charlotte Russe homepage with ShopTogether toolbar

Invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Email or IM

Once they accept the invitation, ShopTogether connects two or more friends for a joint shopping session. Shoppers can chat, view products, share favorites and ideas, helping shoppers making better buying decisions, thanks to the advice they get from their firends, just like in "real-life" shopping.

Undergoing shopping session with chat panel expanded from toolbar

Great integration of social services into the shopping experience.

I wish we could add video chat, and save shopping sessions /shared favourites for later in the shopper's account...

A one-up to the FluidSocial product I reviewed a while ago, which integrated Facebook components into Jansport's website.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ignorant e-commerce founders do it better?

Interesting post from VC Fred Destin:

"I have been talking to a number of e-commerce startups recently who share a few things in common.

  • They do not anticipate any knowledge of their end market
  • They do not pretend to understand what their customers want
  • ... nor where they can be found online

They understand the basics of product and pricing and how to manage their supplier relationships; they are competent but not stellar on back-end and customer service.

Where they shine is precisely where you would expect them to be weak: they are entirely ignorant of, and refuse to assume any knowledge of, what method will work in terms of attracting customers. They will continuously spend small amounts of money across channels and simply measure, measure, measure (or correlate, correlate, correlate). They throw data at the problem. "

Read the whole post here.

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