Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you make the cut? Luxury brand launches: online and by invitation exclusively

Von Rosen one ups closed-community shopping websites...

This 1-year old German luxury fashion label has launched a special business: it's online, with limited collections, and by invitation only.

If David Von Rosen has not invited you, well... you can send him a request, telling him who you are and what you do, and he will decide if you're worth being one of his customers...

“All customers have the right to choose a brand,” Von Rosen told Style.com. “We wanted to turn the perspective around and choose our customers. We don’t want money as the only hurdle to exclusivity. Yes, we’ve turned down people who’ve applied, like a good club would.”

A few figures:
- 10,000 requests since starting the site a year ago,
- has granted access to only 1,500 people,
- has sold about 4,000 items, average price of a sweater is €450, or about $675, shipping not included.

How's that for exclusivity?

I sent him a request... Will I make the cut? And can you?

Hey I made it! :)
Here's the email I received in answer to my membership request:

"Dear Michael S. Levy,

You have asked for access to VONROSEN. Thank you for your interest.

Our customers rely on a high standard of exclusivity. In the interest of our existing customer base, we are only able to grant access to a limited number of enquirers.
Unfortunately, we are not acquainted personally. However, you have us interested by your professional background and the information that we have found about you. We believe that you fit VONROSEN.

VONROSEN brings you the best quality and timeless-urban designs. The VONROSEN-signet is individually engraved with your monogram. As a fashion label from Berlin, we produce exclusively in Italy and Germany. Also, you will never encounter any sales or discounts at VONROSEN. For all orders, including gifts and/or gift certificate purchases, we receive before Dec. 31, we offer you an extended money back guarantee (send back by Jan. 14., 2010). With code XXXXXXXX you can now log on at vonrosen.com.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Welcome to VONROSEN!

Yours Sincerely,

Man, I feel so hip right now... See you later, I have some shopping to attend to :)

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