Friday, June 23, 2006

ADS-click launches Skype-powered call center !

I just received an e-mail from the guys at Skype to test the beta SKY-click service, the first fully featured Video and Voice over IP call centre, developed by ADS-click.

Let me just say: it is AWESOME.

The solution is managed through a web-based management platform making SKY-click the most easy-to-use call-center I have had the chance to see. There are absolutely no implementation costs and it is usable anywhere in the world.

The supervisor interface is user friendly and uses AJAX-like technology, enabling to manage several windows embedded in the same page (à la goowy) and provides all the features you would expect from enterprise-quality call-center software :
- agents and rights management,
- real-time call and quality reports,
- agent, customer and product feedback

Hats off for another telecom breakthrough.

PS: I've just added the "CALL" button in my sidebar...

More info on and!

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