Monday, June 9, 2008

Big e-commerce website outage = big-time $$ losses | The Amazon case study

When your business is online, being temporarily 'closed for business' is NOT good.
Amazon suffered a service outage in the US on Friday, for a little over an hour and a half. Amazon hadn’t had a big outage for a while...

Amazon availability on Friday

According to a calculation by CNET, this has resulted in a theoretical loss of about $3 million ($31,000 per minute). Ouch...

(Apparently, the outage did not affect International websites and Amazon Web Services.)

It's Amazon, but still, this is a nice reminder to set your e-commerce business up with a reliable and redundant hosting infrastructure from the get-go. Once your website is live, there's no closing hours. Your shop is open 24/7, and customers flock at all times, day and night :)

Techcrunch's take:

CNET's take:

Mashable's take:

No official Amazon news release yet.

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