Friday, May 2, 2008

More video-powered online sales

Update: This feature is provided by Factory 515.

US Online fashion store has soft-launched a cool new feature called 'Shop the Shoot' for its 'b*fly' section. Customers receive an e-mail inviting them to discover the shoot of the b*fly collection at Bluefly studios, which links to an embedded video player within Bluefly's blog, 'Flypaper'.

The video is pretty straightforward, with an interview of Ford model Heather and 'making-of' takes of the photo shoot, but there's a 'CLICK TO BUY' link on the player, which displays an interactive overlay, listing the on-screen items and links to jump to the product pages. A true Youtube-like Flash player for e-commerce video.

Pretty neat and enticing. I like it.

Here's the e-mail creative and a couple of screenshots of the video player, but you can also check it out for yourself.

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