Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Radiohead sells 1.2 million copies of 'In Rainbows' online in 1 week

Here's a little update on my post about the dying music industry business model and Radiohead's offering their new album online for free or for the price YOU wish to pay it.

According to a source close to the band, In Rainbows has “sold” approximately 1.2 million copies as of October 12th.

That’s more albums sold in the first week than Radioheads’ last three releases combined.

According to an Internet poll of 3,000 people, the average price paid for In Rainbows was $8.

If these numbers are accurate, Radiohead has made close to $10 million in one week on this album alone.

So, One Week Later, Is The Album Dead Yet? — The Seminal :: Independent Media and Politics

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